Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive the art piece(s)?

In general, 2-3 weeks. Each piece is custom-produced for every order and inspected personally before shipping to you. Rush orders are possible, if you contact me directly here.

What does "limited edition" mean?

Certain pieces are done as limited editions only. These editions run in size from 20 to 50 prints and each is signed, numbered and includes an Edition Certificate. Prices will increase on the last 3 prints in any edition.

What is "dye on aluminum"?

Dye on aluminium is a type of Metal Print I use for the Brooklyn Wall Flower project. These pieces have a brushed, metallic sheen, especially present in white and brighter portions of the piece, and have a glossy finish. I only work with fine art print studios to ensure a gallery-quality, premium print.

The process itself is called dye sublimation. My digital art piece is first mirrored and printed onto a special transfer sheet using Fine Art inks. Then, in a process involving high pressure and heat, the print is steamed from the transfer sheet into the aluminum’s special coating, where it is permanently sealed in.

Are your Brooklyn Wall Flowers light or water sensitive?

Yes, I did so on purpose, so each piece can "live" outside (if you choose to). Since the print is actually burned into the aluminum’s special coating, it is not affected by UV rays, dust, or moisture. This makes this metal print suitable for outdoor areas and bathrooms, as well as for long-term outdoor exhibitions or advertising.

Are your pieces heavy?

Not at all. The aluminum is 1 mm thick. Metal Prints are easy to handle in any size or format.

Do you customize any art work?

Yes. There is a number of select pieces that I would love to customize your specific wishes. There are many variables and by talking with you, or emailing back and forth, I can ensure that you will get exactly what you want. I can also create a mock-up of what the piece would look like in your home.

Do you work on commission?

Yes, indeed. Just send me a message here.